quagmiracle is when a challenge becomes a blessing

  • see the good in every hardship
  • make opportunities out of difficulties
  • learn from everything
  • more to come...

Here's to Dave:

I originally coined the Quagmiracle concept when I heard about a TV cameraman named Mickey Pfleger who was knocked down on the sidelines by Kansas City Chief Tony Gonzales during a play that strayed out of bounds. Pfleger suffered a concussion as a result, and in the process of his evaluation and treatment doctors discovered a brain tumor that was just about to kill him. Luckily they caught it in time and the so-called accident actually ended up saving his life.

The concept of a hardship that suddenly turns into a blessing is no better illustrated than by a story like this. Quagmire turns to miracle and the Quagmiracle concept is born. I'm probably not the first to think of it, but I was the first to claim it on the internet so here we are. Think about this concept and you can apply it to just about any problem. Take any difficult situation and try to turn it to your advantage.

But that's not exactly why I write today. This morning I learned that my friend Dave has a quagmiracle of his own going on. Similar to the story that spawned this web site, he was playing footbal with pals after watching sunday's game, and hit his head on the field. To be safe he went to the hospital to see about a concussion and ended up discovering that he has a brain tumor. The news is still quite fresh and the story is just beginning, but it looks like Dave may have a challenging journey ahead.

And so I dedicate this web site to him. Dave, here's to your Quagmiracle. Let's all hope that your quagmire leads beyond discovery and brings you a full miracle. Godspeed my friend.




Another quagmiracle example: I turned my chronic illness into a way to communicate and educate.

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